There is no single correct way to manage money. Investing is as much art as science and there are myriad ways to attack a portfolio problem.

We have our way of managing money, and we have found success with our methods. That does not imply that other methods are wrong.

The question is whether the methodology used by you and your advisor, is a reasonable method for your particular circumstances and personality.

ASSET & WEALTH MANAGEMENT - The core of our business is managing client investment accounts.

ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS – Alternative Investments include any non traditional assets (i.e. not stocks and/or bonds) or a non-traditional use of stocks and or bonds, such as long-short or arbitrage strategies.

FINANCIAL PLANNING SERVICES – We seek to be flexible partners with families to achieve your financial goals, including retirement planning, managing through retirement, college planning, portfolio management for both taxable and nontaxable (retirement) accounts.

Unbiased Perspective

Large investment firms have a vested interest in marketing the investment products they manage. We are independent. We have no vested interest in any investment product. Our only motivation is to find the best investments for your portfolio.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, not a broker, We have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients, that is, we must act in your best interest at all times.

Eliminate Emotions

We believe that investment success is about protecting capital and growing it over time, not about beating a market index.

Most investors are prone to emotional decisions at precisely the wrong time, locking in losses and often missing the eventual recovery. By managing risk, we look to eliminate emotional investment decisions and work toward the goal of maximizing the return for any given level of risk.

Investment Philosophy